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    Post  butterfly on Tue 19 Feb 2013, 14:55

    I could not believe this post coming from a guru site. I felt it should be posted if some have not already seen it.

    Finally, a place you can trust to tell you like it is.......
    The Iraqi Dinar "Investment" a TOTAL Scam??

    If you already bought Iraqi Dinar, plan on purchasing more or are deciding if the dinar is a good investment for you and your family ... this is the most important letter you will ever read.

    Get Reliable RV Alerts, Latest Intel, Best Dinar Facts Videos & More Sent Right To Your Email... FREE!



    Blanche Bonet here from site you're on right now.

    If you feel confused about what is REALLY going on with the dinar...If ever you feel foolish and embarassed for "believing" the Iraqi dinar will go up in value....If you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster because this investment has so many ups and downs...

    This letter is for you.

    Dinar Guru is the #1 most reliable and trusted authority for all things Iraqi Dinar. We have grown to have 2 newsletters, multiple special reports, members only blog, and a community of nearly 30,000 loyal followers and more.

    I'm going to totally EXPOSE this site and the perceptions and misconceptions that are touted about this investment.

    After reading this, you are going to have a whole new perspective... You will feel so much better and secure in your decisions (whatever those decisions may be) and your family and friends will have a new found respect for you when you talk about this investment.

    You won't feel silly and confused anymore.

    When I first got involved in this investment, I thought it was simple.

    I was convinced the Dinar was a sure had to go up in value...period.

    I was so naive back then.

    You see back then there was NO Dinar Guru site...there was NO Dinar Guru archive...there was NO Dinar Guru community and member emails...Nope, there was just a couple people we relied on to bring us the latest news and intel.

    Compared to today, back then was like the dark ages!

    Over a year ago now, I decided it was up to me to start piecing the true story of this investment together. I Discovered this is so MUCH more complex than a sure thing bet.

    There are sooo many levels...

    You've got Iraq...

    Within Iraq, you've got 5 different factions who nearly hate each other....BATTLING for power.

    You've got the United States (we hold the purse strings and a HUGE chunk of Iraq's money)

    You've got Kuwait (they need to be totally compensated for being invaded in the 90's)

    You've got China's influence.

    You've got International banks.

    You've go the UN (they have Iraq by the "privates"--no nice way to put it-- with CH 7 sanctions)

    You've got the WTO and all their demands.

    And guess what?

    They each have an agenda...

    On top of all that you have us little people (who are probably not supposed to know nearly as much as we do! Smile

    Figuring this thing out is really like a game of Clue..."who done it?" "who's in control?" , "What needs to be done?" , " Is it even real? "

    There are some big time myths floating around out there on the internet and a lot of misinformation.

    I'm going to set the record straight once and for all.

    Before I get into all that I want to address one of the biggest questions on everyone's mind...

    Is the Iraqi Dinar a scam?

    The quick answer is...I don't think it is, BUT I really don't know. I don't think anyone REALLY knows for sure?

    I want to know the answer to this as much as anyone...maybe more.

    I have yet to see any proof that it's a scam.

    I genuinely ask as many of the the scam touters as I can..."why do you think that? Do you have documents? Support? Proof?"

    Like I said I want to know.

    I have yet to get anything significant. (what I do get, I send to the Dinar Guru members...a mainstream article or news video here and there--as of yet nothing I'd consider proof)

    I even ask Dinar Guru members who report their bank person said it was a scam if the bank would put it in bank has done it yet.

    So far, the scam reports have been speculative, here say and rumor.

    But here's the thing.

    We know this investment is a highly risky, the longest of long shots speculative investment...some say it is so speculative it can hardly be called an investment.

    This is the way I look at it...If I, knowing the risks--that its highly likely I'll lose all the money I can it be a scam?

    That would be like saying buying stock in a company that lose value is scams...

    As far as I know Iraqi Dinar is a real currency. Iraqi's buy stuff with it everyday. (we can't use it because its not international )

    It boils down to this...investing is a VERY personal thing...Everyone's situation is different and unique. If you have no stomach for loosing all that you invest, you need to carefully decide if this is for research...Dinar Guru is a great place to start...a wealth of information.

    That's what this site is ALL about...personal empowerment with information and history. On top of that you have the entire internet at your disposal.

    Like I said earlier, when I originally got into this...there was NO Dinar Dinar Guru Dinar Guru collection of facts, documents and Dinar Guru was the wild wild west.

    We were TOTALLY lost.

    Take advantage of this opportunity.

    One of the reasons Dinar Guru exists is to give YOU the power to shed some light on what's going piece this complex puzzle together piece by piece.

    I've (my son too and even my husband as computer tech support!) have tried to do our best...If I must say so myself, we've done a pretty good job over the past year! Smile

    Oh, I will say this, there was (and maybe still is going on) a real Dinar Scam...people were selling the OLD Iraqi Dinar or counterfeit dinar...this was/is a scam for sure. If you do buy, do your due diligence and buy from a reputable source.

    Without further ado let's get to the Biggest myths out there concerning the Dinar and Dinar Guru...

    I know you are curious to get REAL answers.

    Big Myth #1: The RV is happening TODAY, Tomorrow or within hours.

    These predictions have been around since the beginning and have yet to come true.

    With that said, the situation in iraq has reached the point where it might finally have a chance of being right.

    Let me explain.

    The CBI has stated on the record they WILL make a change in the exchange rate (in the coming days, soon, in 2012, early next year).

    Is it the change we're looking for?

    I don't know. BUT (and this is an exciting BUT !)

    Things appear to have reached the point where Iraq can settle all outstanding issues quickly and boom It's done.

    Big Myth #2: The Dinar is a get rich quick scheme.

    Like I said before, I've been in this investment for a LONG LONG time now. Some in the Dinar Guru community have been in even longer than me...over 7years. Wow!

    If we know anything about Iraq, we know there's nothing quick about it.

    We're watching a fledgling nation put the pieces of their country together...their currency is just ONE of those pieces.

    It takes time.

    Again, with that said, I have NEVER seen so much activity surrounding the CBI, the Iraqi Dinar and investing in Iraq.

    The CBI hinted more than once they are going to make some kind of change to the exchange rate very soon.

    Big Myth #3: The dinar is guaranteed to raise in value.

    This is the one myth I wish was true.

    As you know, the Iraqi Dinar RV is the longest of long shots...a very speculative and risky investment at best. I'm NO financial advisor and you should not listen to a thing I say, but this really isn't a bet the farm kind of investment. (unless you don't want the farm, don't need the farm, and don't want anything to do with the farm anymore ever again. Smile

    It's more of a I've got extra money I can live without...forever...kind of investments.

    A thousand things could go wrong...And that is EXACTLY why the gurus say there is so much upside potential.

    As a GENERAL rule...As RISK goes down...UPSIDE goes down.

    As RISK goes up...UPSIDE goes up.

    Iraq's got a TON of Risk so it has a ton of potential.

    Make sense?

    As they say, the sure thing boat never gets very far offshore! Smile

    Big Myth #4: The gurus belong to / work for / are associated with Dinar Guru

    The Gurus do not belong to, work for or are associated with Dinar Guru...the gurus are spread through out the internet. Many have their own sites.

    Here's a true story..

    When we first started Dinar Guru one of the biggest gurus around at the time tried to convince everyone NOT to come to my site (Why? I don't know...I'm still trying to figure this one out)...He (and even his partner) went so far as to concoct crazy stories meant to discredit me and the site...he didn't realize I can become a tough stubborn grandma who will NOT be pushed aside and hushed by a bully. Smile

    You've got to hear EVERYTHING about this investment...not just what "some" would have you hear.

    He got the message, left us alone and I hear he's terrorizing others now. Sad

    Dinar Guru is about the everyday developments but more importantly it's about tracking the history of the investment so everyone can go back and learn from history -- compare the past to present and whatnot. This is the Dinar Guru Archive.

    Unlike some of the other dinar sites that have sprung up after us ( Imitation is the greatest form of flattery right? Smile we show you the total picture...

    Also, unlike the other dinar sites, we do not have a chat-room site pumping their other know the ones that constantly reference one site but almost NEVER mention any others...nope we don't have a sneaky agenda like the other sites.

    Dinar Guru is an archive that brings all guru updates to one spot so you can compare and contrast what's being said what when and why, so you get the complete picture of what's going on.

    Big Myth #5: We make money from the site.

    Well actually this myth is true. Smile

    We're proud of the effort we put into supporting the Dinar Guru community and the THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of savvy investors we've helped along the way.

    You know my story...Hurricane Katrina huffed and puffed and filled my house with several feet of water, totally destroyed my husband's business and sent our local economy to a screeching halt ...

    This was (and still is) 1,000 times beyond a Recession...for months there was no stores to buy food from even if we had money to buy it. (WE"RE SOOOOOO GRATEFUL TO ALL WHO HELPED US AND THE ENTIRE GULF COAST WITH FOOD WATER AND POSITIVE THOUGHTS...without help from compassionate individual like you, we would NEVER have made it....and that a FACT.)

    We still walk on concrete floors here at the Bonet house; most rooms don't have doors or frames and our lawn furniture functions as our living room set... and I have yet to be able to have the kids over for Christmas or Thanksgiving but we're slowly putting our home back together again.
    We have a roof over our heads and internet! Smile and I'm TOTALLY grateful for that.
    We probably spend more time and effort on this site than most spend on full time jobs.

    My son has a day job and does a wonderful job on the site too! Smile

    It's a labor of love really.And you get the benefits of system we put together and maintain! Smile

    I'm from a generation that really believes in the good ole U.S of A where providing a good service is cherished and is happily rewarded and supported for a job well done... THIS is the America you probably believe in too.

    But, our values are being attacked and nipped at from all angles...

    Believe it or not there are SOME in this INVESTMENT who don't believe in our America. (do you see the irony here too? How can a person be in an investment to make money yet not believe in America? Sad

    And get this, they don't want you to believe in it either.

    They feel entitled or something...that everyone owes them something.I don't want to get all political (I'm not that sort of person), but they have some sort of socialist thinking or something.

    You see them in the grocery parking lot, in the clothing store and even in the forums...These people feel your efforts are theirs for the taking and should be happily handed over to them......They get to the point of DEMANDING it from you.

    Strange and sad to live that way huh? I can't imagine living that way.

    How can you provide VALUABLE services with nothing in return. (doctors can't, Surgeons can't, teachers can't)

    On that note, we give a TON away for free...I love to do it...It's our way of giving back to the community...I'm sure you'd do the same thing for me. (and many HAVE!!!!)

    For the people who want more, we go above and beyond the free stuff. If you want advanced information -- details of whats going on -- so you can make better decisions for you and your family or your time is valuable and you want me to save you a ton of time by me giving you a concise explanation & summary of the latest updates or additional helpful information, guru interviews and reports to make your life easier we offer that too.

    If this somehow offends you or you believe in the socialist way of thinking infecting America...This is not the place for you and quite frankly investing in general goes against your core beliefs. This site is not for you and you can kindly take your hat, leave now and never come back.

    On the other hand...

    If you value what America STILL stands for and are excited to have opportunities like this one...this is the perfect place and community for you! No one knows if the dinar will go like we want it to...but you are among friends who are working everyday to pull the pieces together trying to figure it out.

    Big Myth #6: The gurus are ALWAYS wrong even though they have all kinds of inside info.

    I know you've seen the weatherperson with the multimillion dollar Super Doppler 8000 or the stock analyst guys on the money station who have DETAILED quarterly reports and CEO access to EVERY company on the stock exchange or the Las Vegas sports bookies who have an unimaginable amount of team and player stats and casino money supporting them...

    Do they always get it 100% right on?

    Of course not.
    They all speculate.

    BUT....Do they still bring valuable info even if their conclusions are off base?

    Yes, of course.

    I've come to learn no single guru has the complete picture of what's happening out there.

    One may focus on the news, another follows banks, another talks to US government officials, yet another's cousin is in Iraqi Parliament etc etc etc...

    Looking at it this way it's easy to see...individually a guru can't paint the complete picture.


    When you take the gurus as a WHOLE, you get a more complete picture of whats really happening.

    This is what I try to give you here at Dinar Guru.

    This is investment basics...weigh all that is reported, so you can make the best decision for you.

    Turn on CNBC (you know the money station) and you'll see one analyst recommend BUY for a particular stock and provide great fantastic reasons why it's a good investment...

    3 seconds later a different analyst recommends SELL and presents equally compelling reasons (sometimes for the exact reasons the other guy said to buy) to dump your shares...

    A total contradiction.

    Are these guys dumb? Should they not report at all since they don't agree?

    Of course not, they are just presenting based on the info they have and what they believe...

    Its your job as an investor to weigh all the information and decide for yourself whats best for you and your family based on the information presented.

    Having MULTIPLE perspective is a good thing.

    Big Myth #7: Certain guru's should be banned from the site because they are wrong all the time

    I've been around a LONG time. I've seen and heard a lot in this investment.

    If I've learned anything...I've learned this.

    Everything is a clue of some kind or another in this investment.

    The conclusions the gurus draw may be wrong, but the reasons BEHIND those conclusions may be valuable to you.

    Or even the guru's track record may hold a clue.

    Thinking like this is an advanced way of looking at this and is what separates the SAVVY Dinar Guru community from the rest.

    Remember, Dinar Guru is a Archive of posts dating back to over a year.

    Thousands of Dinar investors use the Archive everyday to compare posts from 3, 6 or even 12 months ago with whats being reported today.

    Powerful stuff indeed.

    It's not surprising the Dinar Guru community is the most savvy and grounded group around.

    Besides this, there are new people entering this investment all the time. They don't have your experience and knowledge about the gurus or what's been said before...they need a complete track record and history to get caught up to speed in the least amount of time possible.

    Savvy Dinar Investor Tip #1: Savvy investors look beyond the individual post and place it within the context of all posts to see the bigger picture as a whole.

    Big Myth #8: Newshound gurus are NOT credible -/- Intel gurus are NOT credible

    Let me dispel of this myth once and for all.

    Newshound gurus report what's in the news, what's documented in official public meetings and what's reported in public domain official documents...

    They base their conclusions on public record "facts". Newshound gurus feel this is the most reliable way to go...

    Critics feel the media and official government documents are filled with unreliable lies to prevent the public from knowing what's really going on.

    Intel gurus share what their contacts are reporting to them...generally these are "Big Fish" contacts in high up organizations (GOI, CBI, UST, Banks, FBI, UN, BIS, Parliament, Congress etc).

    Intel Gurus feel they are getting real-time accurate reports straight from the horses mouth, totally unfiltered and without agenda...

    Critics feel these sources are purposely fed misinformation to keep us from knowing whats really going on...that they are nothing more than unreliable rumors.

    Here's the thing...

    You don't have to pick one philosophy over the other...

    In fact it's best if you don't.

    When you take in information from ALL SIDES and weigh what one guru says against what another guru says you get a MUCH clearer picture of what's going on.

    Why choose a side when you don't have to? EVERY post brings some sort of value.

    It all boils down to this.

    What we're ultimately looking for is CONSENSUS across the board. When ALL the gurus from different groups line up and report the SAME thing or something very similar, its time to REALLY pay attention!

    Above and beyond the gurus reports, If you are a Dinar Guru member you're part of a community of nearly 30,000 dinar investors scattered around the world...In all walks of life.

    You're part of an ARMY of eyes and ears who confirm or debunk what's being reported by the gurus within days and most times hours! This is an information POWER HOUSE and Dinar Guru gets you this "underground" information fast...

    Gurus Report what they are hearing or reading...and the Dinar Guru Army reports if it's credible or not!


    Newshound, Intel and the Dinar Guru community is a winning combination.

    There you have it...Dinar Guru exposed.

    To be part of this great community...simply enter your name and email address in the blue box below. You'll get reports, videos and other documents sent right to you. You'll also be on the Dinar Guru RV Alert list so you don't miss ANY exciting breaking news...

    Go ahead and enter your information below now...I'll send you the Guru Rate Prediction Cheat Sheet that explains some of the common Rate predictions and what you're looking for on forex...I'll even send you a special one time offer just for Dinar Guru Members!

    Read more:

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    Post  butterfly on Tue 19 Feb 2013, 14:59

    Part 2:

    As I stated is all around making money from the sites. This person even admits that they make money off of all the false guru information out there:

    Do You Want The Inside Scoop On When Your Dinars Will Skyrocket in Value?
    Did you know....
    According to several of the top Dinar brokers there are approximately 1.4 to 1.8 million dinar holders worldwide...that means you are among the very few.

    The gurus speculate 1,000,000 dinars will be worth anywhere from $100,000 to $3,500,000 or more if the dinar RV's...

    Iraq has the 2nd largest oil reserve in the WORLD...most of it still untapped. (Some oil experts suspect Iraq is #1 since large swaths of Iraq have not been explored yet)

    Research shows 1 in 3 who have a financial win fall is likely to be destitute, broke, in jail or dead within 5 years or the windfall.

    Do you want to know the day and rate the gurus are predicting you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams...?

    Do you want all the intel, facts and scuttlebutt (and yes the rumors too) in easy to read bite size chunks sent right to you so you don't have to do any work?

    You invested in the Iraqi Dinar...your dream is to one day wake up and learn that your little stack of nearly worthless funny money is worth hundreds of thousands...maybe even millions of dollars.

    Imagine the moment of being able to look into your spouse's eyes, your children's or grand children's eyes or your mom or dad's eyes and telling them its true...your dinars RVed...all your worries are over...YOUR'RE can now do whatever you want.


    The gurus are predicting this day is coming...very soon.

    But here's the thing...

    If you don't keep up with frantic pace of intel, rumors and facts coming if from everywhere, you are going to be misled into making poor decisions and looking VERY silly to the people you care about.

    Your family and friend are going to think you are crazy for investing in the Dinar and you are going to loose your money by making poor emotional "investments".

    If you keep up will all the info coming in you'll see the complete'll have the power to make sound decisions with your'll get the MOST out of your investments. Your family and friends will respect your knowledge and insight...and you'll be part of a dinar community just like you.

    The New Iraqi Dinar has been around for almost 10 years. Dinar legend has it, there is a plan in place to return the dinar to its rightful place as one of the worlds strongest currencies.

    On paper, Iraq is one of the worlds wealthiest countries with vast amounts of oil, natural gas and mineral deposits along with millions of acres of the most fertile soil in the world.

    Its only a matter of time before their economy EXPLODES...

    Intel about the dinar's increase in value is flowing out of Iraq at break neck speed...faster and faster...more and more every day...too much for any one person to collect and get a clear picture on what's happening right this moment.

    Things are happening so fast.

    I got involved in the Dinar last June 2010. Back then there were only a couple of dinar websites to glean information from. The community had a ton of questions and just a few resources. Slowly but surely the community grew and we pieced together a picture of "the plan".

    Problem was (and still is), no one has the total picture of what's going on...some have banking contacts, others politicians, some contractors, some have family living in Iraq, others are soldiers on the front line, others are article hounds, others Iraq TV watchers...etc etc etc.

    Its hard to grasp whats really going on because each website or guru has just a piece...none of them have the whole RV puzzle.

    Totally frustrating.

    Some members of the dinar community spend HOURS each day combing through the different sites, listening to conference calls and anxiously watch chat rooms looking for scraps of information.

    Many have done this for months and months...many for YEARS!

    Despite all their effort, lost time, and neglected family a lot of times they still miss the most exciting posts...and still feel lost on what's really going on.

    Sad to say, but I was one of these poor souls.

    I'd go from site to site, conference call to conference call trying to piece it all together...I felt like an addict...dinar info was like a drug.

    This dinar thing took over my life...I was neglecting too much and spending WAY too much time on the sites and cc's.

    It had to stop or I was going to go crazy (and broke).

    What I did was create a system for myself that brought the best most relevant information, scattered between all the dinar sites, chat boards and gurus, and bring it to one easy spot.

    This saved me a TON of time and frustration. I was very happy.

    I showed it to good friends and they loved it too...they enjoyed the information and the time it saved them so much they suggested that I share it with the whole dinar community.

    At first I was reluctant.

    I'm just a regular person after all. I didn't think anyone else would want everything in one spot. I thought most everyone was dedicated to their GURU or favorite site and didn't want to hear what all the others had to say.

    Boy was I WRONG.

    Word got out about my little site and people loved it!

    They loved getting the emails about all the drama going on in the different chat rooms, they loved getting all the guru rumors, predictions and intel AT ONE TIME.

    They said it saved them so much time and they enjoyed their investment so much more...they said they really looked forward to the fresh updates more than anything in their day.

    Their families loved it too!

    I decided to bring my system to everyone so you can benefit too. It was clear to me a lot of Dinarians wanted an easy clear way to get top of the minute info about the dinar investment.

    I refined my system even more so that you can get the benefits too.

    Here is just a few of the benefits the Dinar Guru Secrets system will give you:
    The 2 Minute Dinar Update--You will know exactly what the gurus are predicting and where the dinar RV stands. Most days you'll get at least 1 update email (sometimes more than 1 sometime less)...with all the rumors, solid intel and chat room shenanigans from over 7 top dinar websites condensed into an easy fast read of bite size chunks.
    BREAKING NEWS ALERT--You'll be one of the first to know breaking news...You'll get breaking news Intel email when exciting stuff happens--when something major happens a message is automatically sent to you...
    You'll know how past guru predictions and rumors panned out for the week. Weekly recap emails--this highlights everything that has happened during the week and what BIG dates to keep an eye on.
    High Alert Days--you'll have an "always current" calendar, so you know what days to look out for.
    Conference Call highlights--these days the gurus are utilizing the phone more and more...sometimes there are 3 or 4 calls going at one time...each lasting over an hour. Get all the important info in easy to follow bullet points...
    All the DRAMA--this investment has attracted some interesting'll also get the juicy details of who is saying what about who and why...we love our gurus but they are total drama queens!
    Prediction Recap of which guru's predictions came true and which didn't.
    You'll also get the top guru predictions/statements/ zaniness of the of the most popular sections of the recap.
    Personal (posted here first) Intel...You get the intel that I personally compile and the super juicy stuff I get from dedicated reliable community members.

    You won't be lost in the dark anymore. Just think of all the hours you put into researching up to the minute news about your dinars...if you put in a couple of hours a day (not hard to do between sites, conference calls, and chat)...and If you value your time at say, only $10/hour (BTW Lawyers value their time over $200/hour).

    Most people value their time much more than a mere $10/hour especially relaxation time, money making time and family time...but for fun let's just say $10/hour...

    That's over $600/month worth of you time spent "researching"...gone forever, Poof.

    Most do this because they don't know what else to do? They want to know what's going on.

    The Dinar Guru Secrets system automatically does all the work of keeping you up to date on ALL the intel about the dinar for only $47.95/month (Get locked in now, once the word gets out I'll be forced to raise this to $57.95/month).

    Imagine having all the latest news delivered right to you...Being part of a community of the sharpest investors...You'd have your life back! Your husband or wife and kids would love that, you'd love that wouldn't you? I know I did.

    Get these 3 bonuses just for trying out my system...
    Date and Rate Sepecial Report: In this report you'll know when each of the top Gurus expect the dinar to RV...this is updated as the gurus picture of the RV becomes clearer and clearer...this is a very popular report.

    Bonus 2: Top 10 Dinar Gurus List--This report ranks all the top gurus and gives you a little background info about each they got involved, how well their predictions pan out etc.

    Bonus 3: Top 5 RV Moments in Dinar history--there have been several times when the community has collectivly held it's breath...relieve the moments and you'll learn something too...

    BONUS 4: POST RV RECAP/Dinar Guru Time Capsule Archives-- We are all curious about what is the REAL truth...Which Gurus are real, which are misinformation informants...Everyone is going to want to how did this really go down? Who was telling the truth--who was not and who was a unwitting puppet. Every Dinar Guru Secrets member will get the complete RV debriefing post RV...who was right and who was wrong? I THINK WE ARE ALL IN FOR A SURPRISE WITH THIS ONE!! You will not want to miss it.

    You have a choice, you can continue to do things the way you do them now...or you can get the Dinar Guru Secrets system and have all the info you need delivered right to you and make your investment so much more fun, exciting and rewarding.

    You can sit back and relax and let the RV come to you.

    Dinar Guru Secrets 100% Guarantee

    Oh, one more thing...Since this is going through PayPal, you can cancel anytime you want...100% guaranteed. Easy. Keep all the bonuses as my gift for trying out the system and we'll part as biggie.

    Also, If you don't like the system or if the Dinar RV's in your first month with the Dinar Guru Secrets system, I will refund your money 100% no questions asked. You really have nothing to loose and every thing to gain.

    Here's What To Do Now.

    If you want to get all this and watch the dinar excitement delivered right to you, click the link below and get started today....

    After you click the button go ahead and enter your Paypal'll instantly get access to The top 10 Dinar Gurus List and TOP 5 RV Moments list and other Bonuses FREE!

    Go ahead and click the link below to discover what all the fuss is about and get started now.

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    Very nice Mom, seems like we have the best site No cost to join Butterfly brings the reports from all over Seck digs news up when he can Kind post the best pictures and the rest of the gang are smart and very good hearted people staying informed of whats going on

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    AN ARTICLE EVERYONE SHOULD READ 487347_413063205450231_618703707_n

    I have to eat nuts every now and then to help keep me sane from this ride !! lol! lol! lol!

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